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Basketball History


The California High School boys started playing basketball in the 1906-1907 school year. In the early years, less than 10 games a year were played. As of the 2016-17 school year, the boys have completed 111 seasons of basketball.


The California High School girls started playing basketball in the 1907-08 school year. Like the boys, in the early years, less than 10 games a year were played. Starting with the 1945-46 school year, basketball was replaced with softball. Then, for the 1973-74 season girls basketball returned and softball was discontinued. As of the 2016-17 school year, the girls have completed 79 seasons of basketball.





Games were played exclusively outside until the 1914 Aurora High School was built. It was built to the south of the earlier 1870s era school building that became the elementary and junior high school.  The 1914 building included a small indoor gym where the walls were out-of-bounds and spectators watched from a balcony area.


California newspapers indicate some games were still played outside into the 1920s. At that time, there appears to have been a building boom as it reports several area schools building new facilities that included gymnasiums.


When the 1870s era elementary/junior high school building burned in January 1929, a new, larger gym was included in the "new" school building. This gym is the one many people remember as the "old gym" today.


When this gym became too small and additional classroom space was needed, a "new" gym was built in 1963-64. This is now the Middle School gym.


With the moving of the High School to its present location on the west side of California, yet another gym was required. This gym was built in 1993 and saw its first games in January, 1994.



Naming of the Pintos as mascot


The high school teams were referred to as the "California Athletic Teams," "boys basket ball team" or "girls basket ball team" until the latter part of the 1926 school year when the faculty had a contest to name the athletic teams. The name Pintos was chosen because of its strength, grace and historic ties to the native people of the Central Missouri area.


First Conference Membership Found


The California Pintos were a new member of the Little Ten Conference in December 1930 according to this article in the Jefferson City Post-Tribune dated December 12, 1930.


Formation of the Tri-County Conference


The Tri-County conference  was created about 1932 with teams from Moniteau, Morgan and Miller Counties including California, Tipton, Versailles and Eldon as members according to this 1934 Jefferson City Post-Tribune article. There were probably more schools that cycled through as members prior to 1966 but have not yet been discovered.


Conference members through the years:

Blair Oaks -- 1976-Present

* Boonville -- 1969/70; 2018/19 to Present

California -- 1932-Present

Camdenton -- 1959-1982

Eldon -- 1932-Present

Hallsville -- 2012-Present

Iberia -- 1966-1976

Osage -- At least 1935-Present

Southern Boone -- 2012-Present

** Stover from at least 1948-1965

Tipton -- 1932-2000

Versailles -- 1932-Present

Warsaw -- 1980-2018

Windsor -- 1970-1973


Boonville will join for 2018-2019 season


* Boonville was a member of the Tri-County conference for one school year in 1969-1970

** It has not been found when they joined or left the conference



Boys Highlights:


2nd Place in Class M in 1964-65
29-1 record in 1964-65 season
29-1 record in 1988-89 season
Advanced to State Quarterfinals 6 times (1953-54, 1969-70, 1973-74, 1988-89, 1989-90 & 2011-12)
Advanced to State Sectionals 3 times (1972-73, 1974-75, 1987-88)
122 - Most points scored in a game (vs Fatima in California Tournament of 1965)
113 - Most points allowed in a game (at Osage February 2, 1982



Girls Highlights:


2003-04 - 3rd Place in Class 3
2008-09 - 4th Place in Class 3
Advanced to State Quarterfinals twice (1982-83 & 2011-12)
Advanced to State Sectionals 3 times (1990-91, 1992-93, 2009-10)
100 - Most points scored in a game (vs East HS of Kansas City in California Tournament of 2010)
104 - Most points allowed (vs Eldon on February 2, 2015)




Boys Yearly Results

Boys Results by Schools


Girls Yearly Results

Girls Results by Schools




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